Whoop! I finally was able to complete my long anticipated website. My 2015 was packed with so many goodies, I was not sure I would be able to have my blog till next year. Actually, I was not ready, but I realized sometimes you don’t always have to be ready for change. The best types are the ones you think you are not ready for. If anything, 2015 has taught me to trust my guts and take risks. I’m sure you can relate.


The reason for starting a blog comes with my passion for sharing knowledge and honing skills. I also just wanted a platform to chat about things that interest me.


So yeah, I will be sharing my work process here on my blog which  will include my exhibition worthy paintings and my fashion illustrations. I will also be sharing a lot of how to’s, illustration projects I’m working on, materials I use, just basically art tutorials. For the designers and others who do not illustrate but need an illustrator, I will share tips you will need on choice of illustrator, brief designing and much more.


I will be sharing my knowledge on entrepreneurship including good and bad experiences we can all learn from. Haha! I will also love to know about some of your experiences. I will share tips on how to brand your creative skill or hobby which will include answering all of your questions as much as I can.


My blog will also contain bits of my fashion inspirations, moodboards for making textile prints or designs. Lastly, I will post up images and thoughts on events and exhibitions I attend. I have so much to share with you, hopefully it will be worth your time and you will be inspired by my itty bitty blog. I am extremely excited about this.

P.S (I will be posting once a week, you can subscribe for updates) 🙂


  1. Happy new year Claire.... I am glad your blog came up at the right time.. Just joining bt I'm glad to be a part of this.... You inspire me.
    • Hi Tosin, Whoop! Its not too late to join in. It will be amazing to compare your first and last sketches to see how much you've improved. Can't wait to see your post today.
  2. I am so excited to read on! I recently decided to concentrate on fashion drawings. I love your work.

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