Yup! I’m glad its over, or almost over. Depends on when you read this.Β 

I’m going to be a bore and just whine about how everything felt like bum for me this year. I’m not being an ungrateful human. Lord knows I’m happy about some things. So maybe I should talk about the great things first. I don’t know…

I’ll just say them as they come to me, both good and bad.

  • I was 23 this year! Lol! I know you’ve been wondering how old I am. I realised some people have been inquisitive enough to google “claireidera’s age” and I still completely find that to be weird. 23 feels odd. Like I’m not here or there…not just yet. I struggle to be grown up and to be a child. It’s still confusing for me, I want to be 12 with no worries in the world.
  • I had my first photography project at uni and I was one of the selected few that went on to the competition. That only happened because I was completely honest with my work. It was based around my flaws and body image. You might want to check it out here
  • My relationship went up, down, sideways, in & out. Long distance got the better of us but when we reunited, life never been better. I definitely have a ton of advise to give for LDR and still have a lot to learn when I’m with him. Everything feels new, its crazy. However, I’m not sure if going on his vlog was a good idea, but no regrets.


  • My masters degree was almost snatched from me because of one lecturer’s incompetence. In other words, they wanted me to retake a course I had passed. Isn’t that pure madness. My God conquered them. They fixed the mess and sent me my correct result. I hated my collection that’s why you haven’t seen it yet, everyone else thinks they are cool. Grad is in January!


  • I invested a chunk of money in the wrong place. No its not MMM or Bitcoin. It was just me getting too excited about a business idea I truly had barely any interest in. Stupid, right? You already know the lesson to learn from that. Spontaneity sometimes kills.


  • Did a major illustration job this year even though I did not take on any illustration projects. Got rejected in a work place, accepted back and rejected again. I say screw them! lol! I got a better job afterwards. The new job was more involving and stressful but I’m happy I took it. I got to re-do a project too and I’m excited about the continuity.


  • My brother got married and I still can’t believe it. Don’t ask me why! Its one of the best things this year! God has a way of slapping us with the knowledge we think we have and turning it into nothing. Even with a disability, he found love. It shows all over him and I’ve never seen him happier. So I wore my first aso-ebi this year, couldn’tΒ stand the gele!


  • This year, I am completely sure of what I want to do with the rest of my life and who I want to spend it with. I’ve never been unsure, its just been clearer. I know you wonder, am I still going to be illustrating, will I be a designer now, am I going for a Phd, am I getting married in 2018. LOL! Maybe this time next year, you’ll know.


  • I have hurt myself more than I can ever have imagined, repeated mistakes I had been avoiding all my life and God has kind of made me stronger. So that’s a great thing. Its deep!


  • And finally, I’m alive with gigantic ideas ready to bloom in the new year.

In conclusion, its been shitty but not so shitty. Everyone’s journey is different, so if anything umm just enjoy your journey, learn, unlearn and try to remain grateful and positive. Hope you year was great too, don’t forget to leave a comment. Bleh! Can we count down to the new year already! I’m super excited! Happy New Year!


  1. Great Post Claire πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™, keep your head up maami greater things are coming your way this New Year in Jesus name and I love that you ended each point on a positive note and also shared what you’ve learnt from each stage that you were in. Proud of you 😘😘😘
  2. I can relate to some of the things you's going to be better next year...I believe that..thank you for this wonderful writeup
  3. All these seems like a preparation for an Awesome 2018...the hardest battles are usually given to the best soldiers... keep your head up πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎ
  4. Me too!! I'm super proud of you Miss Claire! πŸ˜‚ as always, thanks for keeping it real! Cheers to better days ahead for you dear.. Much love.
    • Thank you Joy!! It was great meeting you this year. I hope you're coming to Lagos in 2018, it will be great to see you again. Happy New Year

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