Hello again, I am so excited about this year and also this post but was not sure what to title it. I’m writing this post at midnight because that is when I mostly work, drinking malt and munching on oreos while watching a New York Fashion runway show of Altuzarra’s AW 15/16 Collection. Sounds a little boring but ”onezzzly” it’s not!

Anyways, I want to just briefly talk about keeping up a drawing habit for 2016. I sometimes suck at maintaining a sketchpad but this year will be different and I hope that you will join me on this one. I heard that doing something consistently over a period of 28-30 days will eventually build up to being a habit. So I decided that this month, starting from today, we will start working on building a drawing habit.


Claire! What are you thinking?? 30days?? I have a freaking job! Lol, yeah I know.


Why do we think we cant do this


It does not have to be a complete sketch or the most beautiful sketch. You don’t have to already be a pro. We are only working on our mind and hands, so a 10 mins sketch will do. You are not too busy, you don’t lack motivation. Lets not think negative already. just give it a shot!



What do I need to get started

zyrabanez_art materials_05

All you need is a sketchpad and a pencil. If you want to go deeper with this, you can add on some pencil colours, watercolour and ink. “Dazzall”



Where can I get materials in Nigeria


Yeah! well, Ojuelegba has a bunch of stationary stores which are not so expensive. you can get more expensive brands at ArtWorld in Ojuelegba and Awolowo. I believe they have other branches nationwide.zyrabanez_art materials_03

Okay! So what will we be drawing 


Easy stuff!! It will be exciting I promise and you will have a say to what you wish to draw after the first 15 days. I made a list of things I thought will be cool to draw but watching this show kind of made me change my mind. So instead we will be drawing inspirational images of local and international designers. I believe this will be solving two issues.

  1. Keeping us aware of international designs and designers
  2. Maintaining a sort of catalog of drawings

The image above has the list for the first 15 days(my favorite designers), after the 15 days we will all suggest on what we would draw for the next 15days. You can research on their work, look up notjustalabel, instagram or vogue for images from the designer, sketch it and post on your page with #drawwithclaire. Whoosh! Let’s begin


I have a very random mix of designers, both new and old designers. Please note that you don’t have to be amazingly awesome at drawing to be part of this. Practice makes perfect. Be rest assured that if you keep at this till the last day your drawing may not be the best but will have improved with 20% . I am so excited to see how we will go with this. Please leave a comment on your thoughts and let me know how your going through with the week. Don’t forget to subscribe!

Happy New Year to you







  1. I know you said you don't have to be a "pro" and all of that but I really suck at drawing , it's that bad can't even draw a straight line with a ruler and it's so ironic how I want to pursue a degree in fashion marketing 😪.. Are there any step by steps to fashion illustration ?
    • Hey Deedee, I completely get you, there are steps but you have to eventually pick up the pencil and try drawing. They wont be perfect at first but will be almost recognizable. The greatest artists were not amazing at first. I will need to pull out my early sketches one of these days to prove that you can get better over time. I dont think you need fashion illustration for fashion marketing, even if cases arise where you may need to make sketches, you can try using croquis and tracing over them. Dont worry, I will try to show a lot that will help you out. Cheer up :*
  2. Hello Claire, Thanks for starting this. I want to really get better at drawing because I've never taken it seriously even though more than a handful of people have advised that I should. I'm positive I can improve by at least that 20%! I'm completely new to fashion illustration (and even the fashion industry in general) so I'm not sure what to be drawing exactly. Any ideas please?
    • Hi Chiedozie, I have listed out a couple of things we will be drawing for the first 15days. Today is the Chloe drawing. All you have to do is go on the internet and find a design from the Chloe Brand and draw it. Check my instagram for the list of things we will be drawing or you can save the image on your phone too. I look forward to seeing your posts. Dont forget to hashtag so I can leave comments on my thoughts. About being new to the industry, every pro was once a newbie, so dont worry too much about that. You'll be fine, just be consistent.
  3. Hi Claire, glad I bumped into ur Instagram post which led me to know and subscribe on ur blog, I'm thrilled to go on ds journey wt u. First about the art supplies, for ppl in port harcourt there is an 'Art world' branch too. Funny as I know of its existence bug unbearably lazy to go in and shop supplies as my work hours are choking. Claire, I draw normally, I'm beta at looking and drawing, I'v only tried sketching off-hand buy a few times, it's good but I envy more fab sketches wen I see dem, lol. I'v always loved fashion and more of cartoon sketches so I'm hoping to tap on d knowledge u have regarding ds field. I can always seem unmotivated and have ds belief dat I need to b surrounded by people wit like-minds to push me to do sumfn buy well dat assumption has only paused my drawing skills & advancement. I especially like the part where u see "You are not too busy, you don't lack motivation. Let's not think negative already, let's give it a shot" . Funny, that felt like u were talking to me. Anyways, kudos on starting up this blog and I'd do my best to keep up. I have a thousand questions to ask but in due time😊 Happy New Year!
    • Hi Manna, Lool! Thanks for subscribing. You really should take out a day to visit ArtWorld, but I should warn you, sometimes they could be really pricey. Its okay to envy fab drawings, I do too but you can only have fab drawings if you practice on your own skills. Improvement comes with consistency, I'm tell you this and also talking to myself. There's always room for improvement. Its really true that sometimes we all need that person to motivate us, so here I am....devoting myself to you as a friend. To motivate you, in sickness and in health. lol. What I will suggest is you follow fashion instagrammers that do work you like. I suggest you check out drawadot. Its a page that has series of amazing illustrators around the world. My favorite illustrators may not be your favorites so I want you to go out there and find them. You will be extremely inspired by their work. What I meant about looking up the designers...For example, today we are to draw "Chloe" so check the internet for any image of Chloe the brand, it may be a bag or dress or campaign image. When you find the perfect image, draw it, post on your instagram, hashtag it so I can find it and leave a comment. So in other words, just replicate the drawing. I am here to answer all your questions as well as I can. xo
  4. And wen u said "look up notjustalabel, instagram or vogue for images from the designer, sketch it and post on your page with #drawwithclaire". Which of the designers are u referring to? Or you imply random fashion illustrations from images we see on there? I'm on vogue at the moment now and don't know how to proceed. Or you meant we should search out the designers u listed from your day 1-30 list and then replicate their designs or catwalk images in a sketch?
  5. Is there like an app that can be used for drawing? I learnt sewing and I really want to learn how to a step by step approach will be of great help.xoxo
    • Hi Jiro, Step by steps are really good but sometimes taking the bull by it horn is more effective lol. There are apps like procreate for ipad or android, bamboo and I think the samsung notebook has a drawing app. What I think you should do is to take an image from the internet and just draw what you see. Take your time but you have to be really consistent to be able to improve :) I hope this helps
  6. Thank you so much for posting this I believe it's really going to help a lot I hope for the zeal to continue this tho, Any Ideas?
    • Hi Etse, I really hope it helps. I think its all in the mind. the first step is to get the materials, get an image and draw it, beautiful or not... give yourself time, maybe 10minutes or more. It doesnt have to be a complete drawing, or a dress. it could be a designer bag. Just start with today and tomorrow will come easy.
  7. I just know how to draw naturally but I still need loads of work. Glad I saw this today, I'm a big fan. I wanted to learn how to draw professionally but the money discouraged me.I sketch designs a lot (or I used to, haven't had much time lately) but its something I want to get back to. Thanks for this initiative , and I really want to improve more than 20%. It's actually one of my goals this year. Thanks and I love your work.
  8. Well I started with the Chloe one today and it feels strange because I'm not used to drawing people. I already put it on my Instagram page and I hope I improve.
    • Hi Rebecca, Yes! I understand how it is to draw something youre not used to. Truly, over time you'll get better. As soon as the challenge is over, I will share easy ways to draw illustrations. But before that, I look forward to seeing how you take on this challenge. You will improve :)
  9. Hi claire Am so excited to see this, which I saw late by the way, am so interested in participating so am gonna start today. The pictures I have to illustrate doesnt have to be same as the one you have done right?. Am terrible with watercolor so I dont even know what to do with them. Thanks a lot for starting this.
    • Hi Nkem, They do not have to be the same with mine and they dont have to be complete either. It will be great if you put effort on completing each sketch and colouring. Try using pencil colours if watercolour is tricky for you, my Day4 sketch will be with pencil colour all through. I'm really happy to know youve joined in. Dont forget to hashtag so I can leave constructive critism *wink*
  10. I'm glad I saw this post!! I've been rally lazy with my sketches, I love what you're doing Claire I can't wait to embark on this journey as well.xx
    • Hey Kitau, Even after a workshop, I realized people find it hard to keep up. I really look forward to seeing your sketches. xo
  11. I hope I can join along the way because I have to go check out the materials at ojuelegba. Thanks for starting this n so hope I can make it
    • You are welcome, one of these days I will do a post on the materials I use and where to get them from. I look forward to seeing your sketches
  12. I really don't think I can do this. Not because it's not a great idea but because... I don't think there is a strand of art in my fingers. Since I was a child I've never been able to draw two lines. I don't even know how to visualize before I replicate. Sigh...
    • Hi Pizzle, Some people say the ability to draw is a talent, I think its a talent and a craft. A craft that can be mastered. Even as a person who is gifted, not drawing for a long time can make my drawings look weird. I know a couple of people who did not know how to draw a perfect circle but are very amazing now. It all takes times and practice to hone a skill. I think you can do this not only because Im trying to encourage you but because you really can do anything as long as you put your mind to it. Drawing is a learnable skill and I think you are being too harsh on yourself. So yeah, my advise, look at a lot of drawings and be inspired. Listen to music to put you in the mood, open a sketchpad and start. You will be surprised how far you will go. It may not be perfect but at least you started. Remember that positive thinking can go a long way with how you approach things. I look forward to seeing your first start. :* xo
      • Oh God... You have really motivated me. Have you ever considered public speaking as a career? You're so amazing in a lot of things. Anyway, before I start sounding awkward, let me stop. Lol. Claire... It's like you didn't hear me sha, to draw requires imagination abi? What I need help with now, is how to visualize. Give me exercises. Let me work on that first. And then... Another issue is laziness. Oh! Draw everyday? Sigh....
  13. Hi Claire, I'm really glad you started this blog. so I've been illustrating for a while now and I just got some copic markers I had to get single colours because I couldn't get the pack I got a pack of prisma colour. well I usually see the way you blend your colours and make your illustrations look digital. I'm so used to using coloured pencils and I'm not really finding it easy to achieve that digital effect. and I've been trying to perfect some other poses but tbh I really need help, I have to really improve on my illustrations to get into a fashion school when I'm done here and it gets frustrating when you keep trying and it doesn't seem like there is any improvement. I'm going to try out this 15 days challenge I hope it really helps .. I really love your illustrations.I hope I'll be that good soon.
    • I have been illustrating for about 3 years, so it takes time to get the kind of perfection you're seeking. I'm glad you have the drive and you have talent. All you need is consistency. One of these days, I will make a post on how to prepare a portfolio for Fashion School. Hopefully it will help you. The Challenge is for 30 days. The first 15 are designers, the next 15 will be later agreed on. Thank you for subscribing, I'm sure youll learn something from the challenge
  14. Hi Claire, I sent you a message on your IG page. I thought my comment was posted which obviously wasn't. I said I had joined in practicing the sketches so faand I'm really excited about it. However, I wanted to know if we were to sketch those you posted or to choose any from the numerous sketches for each fashion illustrator. I also need a favour, could you please help me purchase those items and have me pay for them whenever to visit Nigeria? Because getting the cupic pens and other sketch items haven't be possible at the places you listed. I have been to Artworld at Ojuelegba a number of times but its always unavailable I look forward to your response. Thanks.
    • Hi Mayree, Glad to know you have joined the challenge. I hope you learn a thing or two from it. YOu are to look up the designer for the day and sketch any image that appeals to you. About the copic, I can not do that unfortunately, but I can advise you purchase them yourself from ebay or amazon or buy other markers like promarkers or letraset markers. Those are available in Nigeria. Cheers
  15. Noooooooo! I'm late right?! 😢 I'll still do it sha! For drawing materials in Nigeria, might I suggest Cy's Stationery at Yaba.
    • Hi Ijenna, Yes! Cyc is at the stationary area at ojuelegba. It is not too late yo join in. I am excited to see your posts. :)
  16. Just saw this now! Awesome job Claire Idera! Wow! Will definitely join u! Will rush to ojuelegba artworld in d morning to get some supplies nd start off...I'm very rusty at drawing tho hope to improve within this remaining days and develop a habit. Thanks a lot!
  17. hi Claire, where in Nigeria can you get more than 36 different colours of markers especially copic. where do you get your art materials from.
    • Hey, I usually get my materials in London. I have a post that lists out places you can get them in Lagos, please check for my art material post.

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